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About Mr Mikami

Among the letters from clients and interviews with them what strikes us most is the interview with Mr Mikami(aged 64) , a Sushi bar owner in Mamurogawa, Yamagata Prefecture.
He was operated on for kidney cancer 7 years ago and had one kidney removed. Since then he has been taking Balance-alpha regularly. The person who recommended Balance-alpha to him was Mr Tsuyoshi Takahashi himself because they have been acquainted for a long time and are living in the same town, Mamurogawa.
Mr Mikami once decided to close his Sushi bar due to his bad health conditions but now he looks very healthy serving Sushi to his customers. He is not worrying about the possibility of the cancer spreading.

The following is his interview featured in Balance-alpha news No.52.

Q: When did you feel something wrong for the first time with your body?

Mr Mikami: I was feeling dull and couldn’t get over my fatigue. After a certain period, I had blood in my urine and went to the doctor immediately. The doctor told me that I had some problem with my kidneys but he couldn’t find out the cause. He prescribed some medicine for nephritis to observe its effectiveness. But I couldn’t notice any progress and the blood in my urine was getting worse making my lavatory bowl red. Sometimes I felt dizzy with anemia.

Q: When did you find out that it was due to kidney cancer?

Mr Mikami: About half a year after I visited the doctor first, when I went to the doctor to see the results of a closer checkup, I was transferred to another section at the hospital and I was told that an immediate operation was needed, because one of my kidneys was not working and must be removed. I was not informed of the name of the disease but my family was told that I had kidney cancer. So I submitted to the operation without hesitation.

Q: How is your postoperative condition?

Mr Mikami: After the operation, I was told that I had a cancer.
My father and my two brothers died of cancer. My father died a bit over 60 years old, my bothers died at 58 years old and 57 years old respectively. Since I was at that age, I thought it was inherited cancer and it would spread to other parts even though the kidney was removed .So I resigned myself at that moment. However, since I started to drink “the water” (Mr Mikami called Balance-alpha “the water” I was feeling better and getting stronger. And I feel that I can live more. 5 years have already passed since then, and I do not worry any more about the metastasis.
(The interview took place in 2009)

Q: How did you get to know Balance-alpha?

Mr Mikami: It was just before the operation. When I went to watch an athletic meeting of my grandchild, I banged into Tsuyoshi (Mr Takahashi) who told me that I looked pale and too skinny like a locust and must be ill. I explained to him about the blood in my urine. He said “I get it. Then I will send you “something” Mr Mikami didn’t know about Balance-alpha and still does not know the product name ) So drink it as much as you can.” He sent me the drink immediately. But I started to drink it after the operation.

Q: Did you try any folk remedy when you were ill ?

Mr Mikami: Yes I did actually. I tried everything I was recommended from my friends and acquaintances such as bracket fungus, paper birch, Houttuynia cordata, Shiitake extract, chlorella, etc.  All were expensive but didn’t have any effect at all, so I gave them all up.

Q: How about Balance-alpha?

Mr Mikami: Well, I find this one extremely useful.. In my case I felt the effect immediately after I started to take it. I feel lighter .I feel like I’m getting more energy.
After the operation I was to close my Sushi bar but I am still serving Sushi because I got better and feel good.

Q: I heard that your daughter is also taking Balance-alpha.

Mr Mikami: Yes, she is. When she got pregnant for a second time, she had a problem. She got water in one lung and had to be hospitalized. I brought her “that water” and told her to drink it.
I almost forced her to drink one bottle per day. The result ? She got well immediately. We are talking about it like it was a magical elixir.

Q: How do you usually take Balance-alpha?

Mr Mikami: At the beginning, I used to drink a glass of it after every meal, every day. Now I drink a glass of it when I remember. Once a day, one glass of it.
Since I am not taking medicine any more, “that water” alone is the key to my good health. I phoned Mr Takahashi telling him “Send me that water” when the bottle is almost finished. He understands what “water” I mean.

This is an interview with Mr Mikami featured in our “Balance-alpha News No.52” issued in May, 2009.

To our surprise, the “relationship" of Mr Mikami with Balance-alpha didn’t end here. A niece of Mr Mikami (daughter of Mr Mikami’s sister) got breast cancer.

The following is part of a story told by Mr Mikami featured in our Balance-alpha News No.63.

In September of 2009, the year when the interview with Mr Mikami took place Mr Mikami got a telephone call from his sister telling him that her daughter had breast cancer in a very advanced stage and was beyond hope. She noticed a small lump in her breast when she delivered her baby 10 years ago but she left it without treatment because the lump didn’t become larger. But she started to get tired easily one year ago and often had to stay in bed. Since she couldn’t put up with it and went to the Hospital affiliated to Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine where she was told that the lump had become cancerous and it was already in the third stage C. with only six months to live. Since she was at a stage where an operation was not possible, she was to put on anti cancer drug treatment and radiation therapy only.
When Mr Mikami heard of it, he told his sister, “I will send you “that water” so let her drink it a lot, do you understand? A lot! ” His sister didn’t understand what “that water” meant and asked him “What water?”  He said “that water” of Mr Takahashi saved me and my daughter, I do not remember the exact name, but I will send it to you immediately “
Mr Mikami kept sending “Balance-alpha regularly to his niece and she drunk all as her uncle told her.
This year at the beginning of July, her physical condition improved a lot gaining more weight although it has already passed her “life left period” When she had a regular medical check-up, her doctor in attendance was very surprised at the result and wondering why her symptoms had been relieved. (What kind of doctor shows surprise when a patient shows improvement with the very medicine he has prescribed?)
Anyway there is still the possibility of it getting worse and metastasis of cancer yet. She is still in an unpredictable situation. But Mr Mikami’s sister says “I am so glad that my sister became cheerful in comparison with when she was told she had only 6 months to live last autumn. (Mr Mikami is convinced that she is all right now.)
His niece has a little daughter and she has a strong will not to die leaving her daughter to be brought up without a mother. We hope she keeps getting better “in spite of the expectation of her doctor.

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- Mr. Tsuyoshi Takahashi, producer of “ Balancealpha” - Immune activation power of Balance-alpha
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