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“Balance alpha ” is a fully fermented beverage which is recommended to those who are interested in increasing the immune system in their body.


Welcome to the Web site of antioxidant beverage “Balance alpha ” !

  • This web page has been created to introduce the antioxidant beverage “Balance alpha ”.
    “Balance alpha ” is made from rice bran, loquat and edible chrysanthemum, slowly fermentation for a long period of time by EM(effective microorganism).
  • If you have heard about EM(effective microorganism) before or know a beverage called EMX, this web page will provide more detailed and useful information for you.
  • If you are interested in food security and know that traditional natural foods which are not polluted by chemical substances enhance the immune system of the human body, this website provides the most useful information for you.

What is “Balance alpha ” ?

“Balance alpha ” is a refreshing beverage made from rice bran, loquat and eatable chrysanthemum slowly fermentation for one and half years by EM(effective microorganism.) Due to the high antioxidant effect and immunostimulant ability those who suffer from chronic ailments such as cancer, kidney disease, liver ailments and diabetes take this drink as a remedy and symptomatic relief. Also there are those who drink it for health and beauty purposes (skin antioxidant) or anti-aging. Recently there are customers who give their pets this drink.

Are Micro-organisms alive in “Balance alpha ” ?

“Balance alpha ” contains a slight amount of ferulic acid, inositol and polyphenol extracted by micro-organisms from rice bran, loquat an edible chrysanthemum which are the main ingredients of “Balance alpha ”. Also there are about 80 different kinds of micro-organisms such as lactic acid bacteria, yeast, photosynthesis bacteria, gram positive bacteria etc .related to the fermentation of “Balance alpha “ which will be aseptic in the final product but become active in the intestines resulting beneficial effects.

Is “Balance alpha ” no calories?

Since “Balance alpha ” ferments completely taking a year and a half, micro-organisms consume all calories of the raw materials, carbohydrates, farina and fat are almost zero.

How long does “Balance alpha ” last?

The best before date of “Balance alpha ” is described as one year following Japanese law, however we are testing the durability by leaving it at room temperature after opening the bottle. It has been two years since we opened the bottle on 10 May, 2006 but we cannot observe any quality alteration. This means it lasts longer than distilled water in the same conditions. This is real antioxidant power which does not oxidize nor deteriorate in the air nor under UV light.

How abut side effects ?

We have never had any the complaints from our customers about side effects. Sometimes you might feel sick or the symptoms become exacerbated immediately after starting to drink it. However this is a so called “turn around reaction” and becomes better in 1 or 2 weeks.

*Turn around reaction (relapse) : when the human body recovers from an illness, the body is internal balance goes off temporary and you feel sick or worse. A similar phenomenon is like a car that vibrates or becomes noisy when it gathers speed suddenly occur in the body.

Is “Balance alpha ” expensive?

It might seems expensive if one bottle of 500ml costs 4500 yen.
However the recommended dose for a day is only 20ml. So it costs
180 yen per day which is cheaper than certain vitamin drinks.

What sort of people are drinking “Balance alpha ”?

According to a questionnaire we carried out last year, the following people were drinking it.

  1. Those who are under anticancer drug treatment
  2. Those who had an operation for removing cancerous growth and in a stage of recovery.
  3. Those who have chronic hepatitis and taking medicine for it
  4. Those who have chronic nephritis and taking medicine for it
  5. Those who are under insulin treatment due to diabetes
  6. Those who must prevent arterial sclerosis
  7. Those who do not have any disease but drink it for anti-aging
  8. Those who suffer from rheumatism and are under treatment
  9. Those who have a cataracts
  10. Those who have food allergy or suffer from atopy
  11. Those who are in an early stage of Parkinson's disease
  12. Those who suffer from autonomic dystonia
  13. Those who suffer from autonomic ataxia.
  14. Those who have a dog with dermatologic disease
  15. Those who have a dog suffering from depilation of unknown case
  16. Those who ha have a cat with AIDS and about to die

In Japan there are restrictions under the Pharmaceutical Law which means that we cannot sell our products based on its effectiveness which are not licensed as medicaments.
So the above mentioned product is sold as a soft drink , however “Balance alpha ” became popular by word-of mouth communication and a lot of customers who suffer from different diseases are purchasing “Balance alpha ” regularly .

We recommend the following ways to drink.

  • Drinking “Balance alpha ” for health and anti-aging purpose
    20-30ml(one cupful of the measuring cup provided) a day, when you get up in the morning with an empty stomach

  • Drinking “Balance alpha ” to control symptoms of chronic ailment such as diabetes, liver ailments etc.
    20ml before every meal

  • Drinking “Balance alpha ” to achieve increased effectiveness of remedial cancer treatment
    20ml before every meal

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TOP | Products (Purpose and ways of drinking - Raw materials - Production process
- Mr. Tsuyoshi Takahashi, producer of “ Balancealpha” - Immune activation power of Balance-alpha
- Doctor's recommendation - Testimonial from a customer) | Company profile | Online store | Contact us